Free; Ariana and Al

- it's possible that she used items from before she went vegan, we shouldn't be keeping things away from her. - ariana is probably a dietary vegan. - a vegan isn't necessarily someone who is against animal cruelty - some people only take on veganism for the health benefits and not the abuse. :)

She’s against animal harm, she strongly is. Faux fur coats/adopt a pet,never buy shirts/the video where she screams at cows from her car window etc ..
Yet she has so much leather bags and shoes it bugs me.

Your icon>>>>>>> I'm dying!!!!!

So am I! I need to get a clearer version of it before I post it though… don’t want to leave you guys with some low quality stuff.

I want to thank you for not being one of those fans who back up Ariana being a vegan. She might be vegetarian but she isn't vegan. You don't know how many times I've gotten hate for saying that by other Arianators. Thanks for not being one of those.

Well we must always speak the truth is what our momma’s taught us!

Walt’s Princesses

as a child I never understood the words on the pages cause I am dutch so the movie was in dutch and I thought that it was some kind of magical language only used in fairytales.

Ariana visits a theatre with a friend.

Can you post the graduation speech please😊❤



you met ariana half a week after grandpa grande passed and showed her a picture of her and him together are you really shocked that she was upset and had to walk away for a minute so you wouldn’t see her cry pls go away and find a heart while you’re at it

Hi! I just wanted to say that i love your account! You have the best rares!! Thanks for sharing them with us 💕💕 P.S Your profile picture is literally the cutest thing ever! 👧


sorry for my lack of and crappy rares.
this blog just doesn’t bring me the happiness it used to.
it feels like I HAVE TO post rares instead of WANTING to.
I promise my stuff will get better, I keep finding new amazing pictures everyday.
but right now I just don’t see a reason to update and like everyone’s kind of turning against my blog looking at all the anon hate I get.


Victorious Party, 2011.

I made a twitter for this account since most of you guys are now DM’ing me on my own account.
I’ll follow you guys back, @arisrares_

YES post it at 1.7k 💖💖💖💖

I will 💘

Please post the graduation speech omg

Okay so I got two requests about this. I’m only 19 away from 1.7k. Shall I post it when i’ve reached it?
It’s extremely ariana 2011..
Pink striped bg,
Never say never premiere picture etc ..

Ariana performs Break Free and Problem on Japanse TV.
September 16th.